Got UTI's?
D-mannose to the rescue. This product is
all natural and helps in the prevention of
urinary tract infections.
My name is Anthony Orefice and I have suffered a spinal cord
injury in 1993 due to a motorcycle accident. There are many
health challenges to overcome and properly manage. One vital
area is your bladder and urinary tract.

Individuals with spinal cord injuries (SCI) have higher risks of
urinary tract infections (UTI) and it is extremely important that your
bladder is kept from unwanted levels of bacteria growth as a
result of catheter use.

Through my years of health experiences, one such supplement
that I support and recommend is

Enter E. Coli
Escherichia Coli (of E. Coli) is the normal bacterium found in every intestinal tract, and when out of
balance, can have a disruptive effect on overall health, especially immune system function.

The Results-UTI's
The same E. Coli bacteria can wreak havoc when they find their way into the wrong place, namely the
urinary tract.  In fact, 80-90% of all bladder infections (cystitis) can be attributed to E. Coli entering the
urinary tract, a problem 50 times more common in women and girls than in men.  E. Coli bacteria present
in the vagina migrate into the urethra and onward to the bladder , which is why many women end up with a
bladder infection every time they have intercourse.  The reason E. Coli bacteria present such a persistent
problem is that their physiochemical makeup enables them to stick like glue to the inner walls of the urinary
tract and bladder.

D-mannose is a simple sugar.  
Chemically, it is closely related (a stereoisomer) to glucose.  It is  found in cranberry and pineapple juice.  
When D-mannose is ingested into the body, most of it is rapidly absorbed from the upper GI tract into the
bloodstream, passing through the kidneys where it is extracted and added to the urine.  Only a very small
amount of D-mannose is actually metabolized by the body.  What benefit, you might ask, could possibly
derive from something that the body treats mostly as a waste product?

The remarkable thing about D-mannose is that its chemical structure causes it to adhere to E. Coli
bacteria even more tenaciously than E. Coli adhere to human cells. Normal urination, therefore, with a
sufficient level of D-mannose present, becomes a simple and effective treatment for condition. E Coli cells
coated by D-mannose in the urine become unglued and get flushed right out of the body.

D-Mannose advantage
D-Mannose does not kill bacteria, friendly or unfriendly.  D-Mannose simply helps to remove misplaced E.
Coli from inside of the urinary tract by the natural process of urination.  Use of D-Mannose is ecologically
sound.  The small amount of D-Mannose metabolized by the body and not excreted into the urine is

How do you take D-Mannose?
D-Mannose is available as a powder or in a tablet.  Normal therapeutic dosage is 1 tsp or 1 tablet daily for
chronic sufferers of UTI's or weekly for preventative measures.  The powder can be mixed with juice, milk
or water.

During an infection it is recommended to take 1/2-1 tsp (1 tablet) every 2-3 hours.  If the infection is not
considerably better within 24 hours, it is probably not being caused by E-Coli.

Antibiotics are almost always an inferior treatment for U.T.I.'s.  Bladder or kidney infections can become a
recurring problem or they can stop responding to the antibiotics.  Long term or often repeated antibiotic
use can lead to major disturbance in normal body micro flora,, and sometimes to major disruption in
health.  Antibiotics successfully kill the unwanted micro-organisms, but they also kill many
micro-organisms as well.  Use of antibiotics have caused many women to end up with yeast infections, as
the friendly bacteria are killed off along with the bad bacteria, allowing the antibiotic insensitive yeast to
grow out of control

Cranberry Juice?
D-Mannose is naturally occurring and is found in cranberry juice. However, the amount present in the juice
is substantially less that in the 1/2 tsp. Adult dose of D-mannose, and is substantially less effective.  
D-mannose is 10 times more active than the cranberries when it comes to the dislodging of E. Coli
bacteria in the urinary tract.
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